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About Us

Clear Software is a full-stack custom software development company. We are based in the growing technology hub of Waterloo, Canada.

Our team builds scalable solutions to help clients integrate their existing systems and build foundations to launch their businesses forward. We help software companies to achieve their product roadmap goals, and meet demanding client needs.

We work with providers of hardware-centric solutions to extend the value they can offer to their customers by developing adjacent software solutions.

We work with businesses of all types to help improve or replace existing systems to enable internal teams to be more productive, and to all external customers to access their account information and help themselves by exposing back-end functionality in a secure and scalable manner.

Clear Software Founder, Stephen Grinyer

Why Clear?

Naming a company is hard. When Clear Software was founded, "Clear" was chosen to emphasize solutions that are easy to understand and use.

Many products are too complicated. Features are added in an attempt to provide more value or keep up with competition. This can lead to products that are hard to understand and frustrating to use.

People like products that just work.

Nowhere is this more true than in software. Software should help get things done quickly, not get in the way.

This is the driving idea behind the "Clear" in our name. We help you focus on features that provide value, and resist adding ones that add cost yet take away from the user experience.